Rhea Karam

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The luminous pages of All Roads Lead to You turn the mundane and the overlooked into the extraordinary. New York gravel, flagging tape, and crosswalks, when noticed, reveal intricate geometries and flamboyant hues.

Rhea Karam’s depictions of cityscape details are brought to life through this handmade book's design and fabrication, which frames each image with a smooth, flat surface of lambent color, either highlighting or contrasting with a key element in the photograph.


The second Storm Editions collaboration was between the colourful photographer Rhea Karam and art director Nour Sabbagh Chahal. Rhea's work around lines and geometrical details was the starting point of Nour's design on the layout. 

This project was about keeping the delicate balance tying the photographs and the bold coloured silkscreens pages together. In order to create the meditative walk that the artist proposed, Nour Sabbagh Chahal design process revolved around tiny details of book interaction.

The very white and sober cover was created to be an subtle invitation without revealing anything of the colour explosion that the viewers would experience in the book. The title is just embossed, so it is only playing with light beans that reveals it. Rhea's name is embossed as well at the back cover mirroring the title. The book is then discovered page after page like the rhythm of our feet on the sidewalks. The layout engages readers in a game-like experience: pages on the right are smaller than those on the left, offering glimpses of the colour to come, as well as memories of the colour that just was.

Rhea examines the relationships between lines and borders on sidewalks and buildings to observe how they come together, interact and ultimately shape and guide our every day journeys. Nour's asymmetrical composition illustrated how two different spaces divided by a border can exist inclusively side by side, rather than  being divided. 

Storm Editions collaborated with the independent publishing house Small Editions to bring the book’s silkscreened pages together in a delicate binding, which allows the book to lay completely flat when opened.  


39 copies, numbered and signed by Rhea Karam.


All Roads Lead to You, is part of the library of the Museum of Modern Art and The Center for Book Arts.


DIMENSIONS : ½” x 11 x 9’ 1/4” inches


IMPRESSION : inkjet on MOAB Lasal Photo Matte, Bright White Archival Inkjet Paper, 235gsm

Each page is silkscreened with a different color by the artist.

Each book is hand bound by Small Editions  


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